If you are looking for a star turn at your next corporate event, he's the man!



Greetings all. I shall be performing at Frantoio's restaurant in the KIng's Road on Thursday night. Great venue and fantastic Italian food. Come along if you're hungry but book as it get's full quickly! As far as Christmas magic bookings go, everything seems to be very last minute this year. I have predominately performed for the corporate market and it seems that some companies are making up their minds later and later. But at least there is a general feel that people want to be entertained by a professional magician and certainly can note the difference and why we offer value.
On the acting front I have been working with Westminster film school for the last couple of weeks. Working in pairs, myself and the other actor have been improvising a scene around an emotional theme such as envy or lust and then the students work on filming it and honing it down to edit later. A lot of fun, at the end of the month we shall be doing some script work with them too. There is such a wonderful freedom working in impro with other professional actors who bring so much to the table and I think we have created some fine work.
As usual it's hard to believe the year end is nigh!
As Ferris Beuler said,"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

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Here I am performing on a boat on the Thames. Looks like a bit of mind magic!

What a busy summer! My short film Extreme vocational experiences is doing the rounds as is my first feature film Girl the movie. Both are entering various national and international competitions. More news on that as and when. I shall be going to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks on a networking expedition to promote myself in the U.S.A. While there, I might pop into the magic castle and check out a bit of the magic scene there too.
On the magic front, we move into the office party season and christmas party season. Don't wait too late to book your magician for christmas. Even though I'm based in London and work as a London magician, I do a fair bit of traveling up and down the country performing magic.

I look forward to performing magic at your next corporate event or party!

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