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Ok, I may come across as a bit of an Apple evangelist, but I have got to say how fantastic the guys are at the Apple store. I've been having their one to one sessions each week and it's been great. Amazingly useful. I started with imovie as I had some old super 8s that I had had transfered to DVD and needed to learn how to edit. Then I did some work on Keynote, which for those unfamiliar with the program is an equivalent to powerpoint. This I used to build a multi layered quiz which I performed for a client recently in The Cottswolds for around 80 or so people. It was a roaring success and I now have a great template to go further with that type of presentation. It will also be a useful tool for any future business lectures. The last few weeks I have been looking at Numbers which is a spreadsheet equivalent to excel. Just more apple like. This is also propelling me forward into looking into database programs namely Bento which I have just downloaded the demo for. Certainly much more exciting and user friendly than most of the general software out there. If only all stores were as helpful and efficient as the Apple stores, what a pleasant experience shopping would be.
I had a fun gig this month on one of the boats on the Thames, for a 40th birthday. I performed a lot of very strong psychologically based magic and some new ideas which went down a storm. I am also working on something new which has been quite a challenge and still a way to go, but hopefully will have a new magic performance piece soon.
Here's a recent picture of me with the famous sceptic, debunker and magician James Randi at The Blackpool Magic Convention 2009. This year was particularly good. I was disappointed not to have gone to The South Shelds Convention as they had some people I was very interested in seeing, Patrick Redford, Banachek and David Williamson. I hope they come down to London.

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