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Right it's November. It's cold, I suppose that means it's winter and the christmas magician enquiries are coming in. I question I'm often asked is where are you based? We were looking for a magician in Kent or Oxford or Magician in Dubai. Well I happen to travel all over for magic work. From Essex to Los Angeles. Have cards, will travel!
I recently had a fantastic evening working my magic at Frantoio Italian restaurant in The King's Road. It was a fantastic night. I first looked at my watch at 7.30pm, the next time it was midnight and I was pretty magicked out. They always have magic night on a thursday. Book to get a table as it's busy!
I also had a big event for the 140th anniversary of Family Action, performing for over 150 people. Some mix and mingle magic, followed by table magic.

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Aside from using magic to promote Akvinta vodka, I performed on a boat called Tamesis Dock. It was in aid of The Inga Foundation, a pioneering charity helping farmers adopt Inga-alleycropping. The party was a complete sell out and a very enjoyable and friendly event. A lot of last minute events seem to be cropping up this Winter. Time certainly flies, I can't believe it's been two years since I was performing magic in Dubai on various oil rigs! I suppose as the dark nights draw in I become a little melancholy for the sun. Although my thoughts go out to the poor people in L.A affected by the wild fires stirred up by hurricane winds.

I have also been watching what I think is certainly one of the best shows to have been on TV, up there with The Sopranos, maybe even better over all and that is, "The Wire".
Five season were made for HBO. Ironically this one slipped under the wire. Set in Baltimore in the USA I urge you all to get it on DVD. It'll take a couple of episodes to get into it, and perhaps subtitles for some to understand the dialect and street language, but I urge you to preserver. Also some fantastic performances from a largely unknown cast interspersed with some British actors such as Dominic West who plays Officer Jimmy McNulty and Aidan Gillen, who plays the new Mayor, Thomas "Tommy" Carcetti and Idris Elba as Russell "Stringer" Bell . I love it that the Brits are taking over US TV! At least they have some TV. Also I want to see Jonathan Ross back on the telly. Ok, he did wrong, but really it wasn't that bad! Now there is virtually nothing good on telly over here. I've followed Jonathan since The Last Resort show and think we've had value for money as a presenter. It is the typical British attitude to money, that of jealousy rather than praise at ones success. If the BBC had not nabbed him a commercial channel would have. I bet his new book, Why Do I say these things, does well!

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The run up to Christmas is upon us once again. The world is not over. The credit crunch is crunching and yet the interest rates are down and the USA has a new president elect, President Obama! Hooray! Now that's magic.
I've had a spate of club gigs, including the re opening of Tamang Gang, performing close up magic in Park Lane and a promotional night for Akvinta Vodka at Kitts Club in Sloane Square.
It would seem that corporate magic in London is as busy as ever.
A lot of late bookings are coming in now for magic in December from some Wedding magic to a Batmitzvah at The Churchill Hotel in London where I shall be performing close up, table and mind magic for all of the guests.
To top off a good month it looks like my team Tottenham Hotspur are firing on all cylinders under the new super management of Harry Redknapp. Normal service is resumed. I look forward to performing magic for the Spurs team.

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It's been a little while since i've had time to write and update my blog. So for those of you who await with bated breath for news on my latest thoughts and adventures, I can only apologise. So without further ado...

I'm back from my latest sojourn, two weeks in L.A with industry hollywood. It's been a fantastic couple of weeks meeting agents, casting directors, managers, directors and teachers. From CAA to Paramount studios. Here I am pictured on the backlot of Paramount where season 2 of Dirty Sexy Money was being filmed. So what's next? Well that would be telling....
Thanks to Richard Burke who organises these weeks for actors who are thinking of making the transition to working in Hollywood.
It is a genuinely eye opening experience where anything is possible and one is given a clear and realistic take on the machinations of the Hollywood business. I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about their craft and considering moving forward into the American marketplace.

While in Los Angeles I made a visit to the Magic Castle with my old friend Gil Darnell who can be seen in the first episode of Entourage's latest season and is playing the Narrator in Blood Brothers on stage. Good luck with that!

Back at home congratulations to our new president of The Magic Circle, Ali Bongo.

I of course am now taking bookings for the lead up to christmas. Until we meet again!

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